Tim Kerr

Event Management Tutor

Tim has over 30 years’ experience of playing in and organising music events. He’s the Event Manager for the Big Church Day Out (BCDO); a Christian music festival based 10 miles from Brighton that attracts over 25,000 people each year from all over the globe. He’s also worked as a presenter at a number of high profile musical events, allowing him to collaborate with the likes of Nick Cave (The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds, Grinderman), Patrick Olive (Hot Chocolate) and David Clancy (The Freeze, Cindy Talk).

As a co-founder of True Stories Told Live Brighton, he enjoys coaching ordinary people to share extraordinary moments from their lives with an invited audience, including musical alumni such as Chris Difford (Squeeze), Cordelia Gartside and Luke Sital Singh.

  • Brighton, Event Management
  • www.ruhanvv.com