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At BIMM, we understand that being a student is not always easy. That’s why we offer help and support every step of the way.

We are the first place to come when you have questions, queries, worries or concerns during your time at BIMM. Our experienced Student Support Team offers confidential and non-judgemental support and guidance on a wide variety of issues, as well as ongoing academic advice and information throughout the duration of your studies.

There are many different kinds of issues which students can come to see their Student Support Officer about. These can include: difficulties settling in, housing problems, substance use, relationships, mental health issues, sexual violence, learning support concerns, family crisis, health concerns, and any other situations which may be impacting on studies.

We can provide guidance and actions to help resolve personal or course issues, provide guidance on BIMM’s rules and procedures, refer to counselling, and signpost to services on and off site. To book a 30 minute private tutorial you can get in touch with your student support officer directly via email, phone or in person.

The Student Services Team is comprised of:

BIMM Brighton

  • Head of Student Services / Student Support Officer (PGCert): Angelique Sabine
  • Deputy Head of Student Services / Student Support Officer (BA Music Business / Event Management): Anton Rogers
  • Student Support Officer (BA Music Production): Deborah Royle
  • Student Support Officer (BA Bass / Drums / Music Journalism): Caitlin O’Connor
  • Student Support Officer (BA Guitar): Ciâran Early
  • Student Support Officer (BA Songwriting): Catherine Doble
  • Student Support Officer (BA Vocals): Will Langley
  • Student Support Officer (Diploma @BACA): Abby White
  • Exams Officer: Rob Ling
  • Exams Assistant: Bethan Collins
  • Exams Assistant: Hailey Pearce
  • Head Receptionist: John Sheldon
  • Receptionist: Tilda Landehag


To contact the student support team in Brighton please email: [email protected]

BIMM Manchester

  • Head of Student Services: Helen Kirwan
  • Senior Student Support Officer: Rosie Sanger
  • Student Support Officer: Joe Taylor
  • Student Support Officer: James Chambers
  • Student Support Officer: Sabrina Deias
  • Student Support Officer: Victoria Harley
  • HE Administrator & Senior Exams Officer: Ellie Beasley
  • Administrator: Natalie Saville
  • Exams and Assessments Officer: Josh Cullen
  • FE Exams Officer: Matthew Rose
  • Exams Officer: Laura Preston
  • Learning Support Officer: Anna Paxman
  • Learning Support Officer: Owen Davey


To contact the student support team in Manchester please email: [email protected]

To contact the exams team in Manchester please email: [email protected]

BIMM Bristol

  • Head of Student Services: Peter Jackson
  • Deputy Head of Student Services: Mike Youe
  • Student Support Assistant (Music Business/Music Industry Management / Music Production): Natalia Augustyniak
  • Student Support Assistant (Professional Musicianship): Anni Steer
  • Student Support Assistant (Songwriting/Event Management): Owen Chambers
  • Exams Officer: Elise Thayer
  • Exams Assistant: Deborah Bruce


To contact the student support team in Bristol please email: [email protected]

To contact the exams team in Bristol please email: [email protected]

BIMM London

  • Head of Student Services: Will Cooper
  • Senior Student Support Advisor: Emily Duffy
  • Student Support Advisor: Sara Rowe
  • Student Support Advisor: Dean Hewins
  • Student Support Advisor: Jacqueline Braithwaite
  • Student Support Advisor: Nick Baker


To contact the student support team in London please email: [email protected]

BIMM Dublin

  • Head of Student Support: Hannah Farrell
  • Student Support Officer: Warren McCarthy
  • Student Support Officer: Anna McGowan
  • Exams Officer: Oisin McGovern
  • Exams Assistant: Roisín Donohoe


All reception staff can be contacted at [email protected] 

All Student Support can be contacted at [email protected]

BIMM Berlin

  • Head of Student Services and Senior Office Manager: Georgia Gallimore


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