SESSION Musician

Chris Boot studied a BA Hons in Professional Musicianship at BIMM Brighton and has since gone on to lead a successful and varied career as a session drummer and producer.

His skills behind the kit and in the studio have lead to sessions with the likes of Mamas Gun, Lone, Lucy Rose, Luke Sital-Singh, Florrie, Laurel, My Life Story, Kitchen Party, Daudi Matsiko, Moya and Remi Miles, to name a few.

Even though he graduated with degree in drum performance, Chris has continued to expand his skill set into areas such as studio production and songwriting in order to become even more versatile and employable as a freelancer.

Here he is showing off some drum and bass chops alongside Lone, with his track “Backtail Was Heavy”.

As an already very experienced session musician, Chris has lots of great advice for anyone looking to break into this line of work. He recently returned to BIMM Brighton to offer tips and insights to our first year degree students as part of our freshers week program. Here’s an excerpt from the interview, which sums up his career ethos.

“Be the very best you can be – it is luck that will get you in the door but only by being good will you get repeat work, and that’s how you’ll make a living. Being personable, friendly, technically minded and positive are just some aspects of what it takes to be successful as a session musician. Things will get difficult at points, but with persistence and a positive attitude there will be pay-offs.” 


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