Student success

We’re always looking for creative new ways to hook our students up with the music industry, and so we’re really excited by our latest project!

In a unique collaboration between BIMM London and Universal Music Publishing, two BA Music Production students, Simon Norton and James Price, have remixed a selection of  Billy Joel songs that will now hopefully be featured in huge TV shows, films and adverts.

Seven students had the opportunity to take part in the challenge of reinterpreting three classic Billy Joel tracks: ‘Just The Way You Are’, ‘It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me’ and ‘Open Your Eyes’; with the prize of the winning remixes being added to the UMGP synch catalogue.

All our students’ remixes were incredibly inventive and fortunately we didn’t have the difficult decision of choosing between them. Excitingly, it was music legend, Billy Joel himself, along with his label, who listened to the mixes and picked the winners.

Simon and James were thrilled to win, and are wasting no time taking this opportunity to connect with important music industry figures, like Tom Foster, who’s Head of Film and TV Licensing at Universal Music Publishing.

Tom said, “This has been a hugely rewarding exercise for us. We had no idea how the students would interpret the catalogue and we are all very pleased with the remixes James and Simon delivered, which we can now pitch into synch opportunities worldwide!”

Congratulations Simon and James – we hope to hear your work on some big shows and movies soon!

POSTED ON: December 16, 2014
  • London, Music Production