The rise of Ghosts of our Former Selves

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Ghosts Of Our Former Selves are a band destined for great things. We are particularly excited about their rise to stardom, because the funk and soul outfit features two past and present BIMM London students – Keshav Kanabar (BMus Bass graduate) and Jon Stone (current BMus Drums student).

Jon auditioned for the band after hearing about the opportunity through BIMM London. The Essex five-piece are currently touring with British soul sensation and national treasure Beverley Knight,who has been playing some highly-anticipated live shows in support of her new album ‘Soulsville’. He revealed how the songstress personally chose the group to support her on her tour after hearing their upcoming debut album:

“We were interviewing people to do PR for the band. One of the guys had listened to the whole album, liked it, and happened to be Beverley’s tour manager. He played us to Beverley, and she liked us too, and that’s how we got linked up. It’s obviously a great opportunity to get the band out there. It will also be great on a personal level; this is why many of us do music; to play great songs in front of large audiences and have a lot of fun along the way.”

Keshav plays bass guitar in the band. He told us about the excitement of touring with Beverley, which he says is the band’s ‘biggest success’ yet:

“It’s my first ever pop gig that I’ve toured with, so everything is new and exciting and I just don’t want it to end,” he beamed.

The tour has received rave reviews with huge crowds turning out in cities across the UK, including London, Bristol, Brighton, Liverpool, Cardiff and Edinburgh. One glittering review from the Yorkshire Times praised the band after their performance at York’s Barbican venue: “Lead singer Theo Brehony has a superb voice and with tracks such as Broken Birds and their new single We Come Alive, their music needs to reach a wider audience,” wrote gig correspondent Graham Clark.

On the subject of BIMM London, both Jon and Keshav spoke enthusiastically about their time studying with us:

“The BIMM London tutors are fantastic. Special mention for Guillaume Charreau who lent me his hi-hats for this tour! He is a good example of why the instrument tutors are so good,” explained Jon. “They take a personal interest in your success, and as long as they can tell you have the right attitude and ethic, they will do all they can to make you succeed.”

Keshav echoed Jon’s praises, paying homage to our tutors and the networking opportunities he received at BIMM:

“It helped me to improve as a player through the great tutors and most importantly to build contacts, without which I wouldn’t be doing any gigs.” 

Outside of the tour, Ghosts Of Our Former Selves have been gearing up for the September release of their debut album, ‘’The Glass’, which was mastered at London’s world-famous Abbey Road studios. Jon is currently balancing a music career with his time at BIMM London, so it was interesting to get his advice for new musicians looking to break into the industry:

“One of the most important things I think is to be able to get on with anyone and from a musical point be able to play with anyone which would just come from gigging experience with many different people. Basically, get your fingers in lots of pies!”

Great advice if we may say so ourselves. Ghosts Of Our Former Selves’ debut album ‘The Glass’ is due for release on September 16 via Red and Green Music. The band are also due to play this year’s Secret Garden Party Festival on the 23rd July.

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