Unique and exciting, BIMM London’s Rebekah Ubuntu has become a regular face on the UK’s performing arts scene, following a string of experimental live performances at some of the country’s most revered institutions.

Championed by BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and lauded by the prestigious Serpentine Galleries, the London-based singer, who studies creative musicianship at BIMM, is one of our most promising exports.

Rebekah is pushing the boundaries of creativity with her futuristic blend of neo-soul and jazz, so much so that she’s caught the eye of one of the world’s most famous galleries, the Tate Britain.

A glitter-coated and bejewelled Rebekah was invited to play at the Tate earlier this month, as part of a series of commissioned shows called ‘trans.mission.Q’.
The weekend-long event saw Rebekah perform her own sci-fi curated DJ set to over 6000 spectators – all while travelling around the gallery on a homemade mobile mixing booth.

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Speaking to BIMM about the immersive shows, she said: “It was such a refreshing experience to work in a conceptual capacity. My ‘trans.mission.Q’ performances explored the notion of sound communication from within Tate Britain to outer space.

I achieved this by fusing glitchy electronica and sci-fi inspired soundscapes created in Ableton Live, with live audio manipulation of spectators’ spoken messages, which were broadcast live throughout the Tate Britain galleries under the guise of also being transmitted across the universe!

She added: “What made the experience even more rewarding for me was witnessing the excitement from people when they saw my DJ booth on wheels, which I spent over 18 hours decorating and customising.”

As you’d expect, the weekend performances were a huge hit at the Tate Britain and a wonderful reflection of Rebekah’s immense talent and depth as an artist.

Rebekah is quickly getting noticed by both the music and arts press alike, with recent features on AFROPUNK magazine and Shades of Noir. The future continues to look bright for the enigmatic star!

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