BIMM Manchester Music Production Student, Nat James was recently invited to Oslo, Norway to rap with The Chip Kendall Band.

Nat, who is now in his third and final year, flew out to the Norwegian capital to collaborate with the zany Christian performer at the city’s iconic Spektrum Arena as part of a festival. Nat James and The Chip Kendall Band played to thousands of people at the jam-packed event, appearing alongside the Oslo Soul Children – a choir consisting of over 2,500 singers!

Speaking after the festival, Nat beamed about the fantastic reception from the crowd and hailed the concert as a great success:

“My experience performing in Norway was breathtaking. The reception we got onstage and around the venue was incredible. Everyone was kind, courteous and welcoming, and the crowd completely matched our energy and really engaged with us. Another highlight of the performance was when I climbed onto a platform and back-flipped back onto the stage, as the last chorus dropped in on the final song in an effort to increase the energy that much more!”

Nat also revealed how playing for The Chip Kendall Band was a ‘childhood dream come true’.

“Little does he know, but six or seven years ago he had performed at my local church in Cambridge, which actually inspired me to start performing myself. So when I got the chance to audition for him in late 2014 I was ecstatic,” he added.

This isn’t Nat’s first time touring with the band either. The Cambridge-born rapper and DJ, first met Chip after attending the Audacious Church in Manchester. The two instantly hit it off, and Nat was later invited to tour schools with the band, an opportunity that would eventually lead to another huge show at the O2 Apollo! According to Nat, the pair are also in talks to collaborate in the future – a collaboration that we can’t wait to hear!

“While we have been focusing on live shows, we have discussed songwriting and recording together in the years to come,” he revealed.

Nat continues to excel at BIMM Manchester and is currently preparing for a live show with his band, which will take place in January 2017.

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