BIMM Manchester singer-songwriter, Johanna Alba’s latest track may be called ‘One Small Step’, but the talented songstress is making giant leaps in her music career.

Johanna has recently returned from an extensive March/April tour to promote her current EP, ‘Silent Confirmation’ – a stunning acoustic record which highlights Johanna’s spectacular skill as both a songwriter and guitarist.

The ‘One Small Step’ tour saw the BIMM starlet play a series of intimate support gigs at venues across the North of England, including Sheffield and Newcastle. As expected, the tour – which Johanna organised herself – was a huge success with plenty of praise pouring in.

The tour has seen Johanna widen her growing fan base and gain valuable experience on the road. However, planning two months’ worth of shows as a relatively unknown artist was far from easy. Speaking to BIMM, she revealed how she had relied solely on her networking skills to book gigs, due to many venues being reluctant to give unknown artists a chance as Johanna explained:

“After calling and emailing over maybe about 100 venues and promoters I realised that the most successful way to go about this, is to network with people I already know and talk to their friends, and their friends, and their friends.”

Johanna’s efforts have certainly paid off and the German-born musician – who also has roots in Spain – has returned to Manchester with a spring in her step and an extensive list of contacts.

Her decision to study at BIMM Manchester is just one of many significant chapters in her journey as an artist. 2013 saw her win Germany’s most prestigious national music contest, the Jugend Musiziert, resulting in wide-spread exposure and a series of European shows, including support slots alongside Anastacia and Julia Neigel.

We’re incredibly proud of Johanna. Her constant drive, ambition and raw talent are a testament to her success! We’re expecting great things.

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