Adam Wakeman is an immensely talented multi-instrumentalist, session musician and composer and happens to be the son of legendary YES keyboardist, Rick Wakeman!

His enviable recording career has seen him play alongside some of the biggest names in the business, including Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath (most recently on their epic Farewell Tour), Annie Lennox and Stormzy whom he collaborated with on the grime artist’s chart-topping debut album Gang Signs & Prayer.

Adam has seen it all and worked with some of the best. So, what does it as a session musician and touring pro in this industry?

Speaking to Damian Morris, BIMM Brighton’s Head of Guitars, the gifted keyboardist revealed key details about life on the road and the importance of taking every opportunity that arises – an invaluable piece of advice when you consider Adam’s varied CV includes work with pop superstars like Atomic Kitten and Will Young.

“You don’t know where the next gig is coming from, or where the next gig is going to be, so you’ve got you be ready to answer all calls,” he told the audience.

Adam, who began playing the keyboard the tender age of eight, also joked how he had plans to become a Greenpeace warrior before being inspired by his father to pursue a career in music.

Rick Wakeman is one of the biggest names in progressive rock, so it was only natural that his skill would rub off on a then young Adam, who later joined his father on a host of international tours.

But while Adam might’ve followed in his father’s footsteps, our guest has crafted a career for himself going as far as to start an agency for composers – an increasingly lucrative venture and one of the many ways today’s young musicians are getting their music out there.

Nevertheless, the 43-year-old muso continues to tour the world extensively and knows all too well about the pressure of with life on the road, especially for new musicians.

Offering a word of advice, he lectured the group about keeping a close network of friends and professionals, many of whom can lead to more work and further opportunities in the future.

The talented multi-instrumentalist later treated the room to an immense live keyboard demonstration, showing that the apple clearly doesn’t fall too far from the tree!

  • Brighton
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