Eirini Tornesaki Starring in Cirque’s Kurios

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When BIMM Brighton alumna, Eirini Tornesaki landed her dream role with the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, we knew she had bagged one of the most coveted gigs in modern theatre.

Eirini, who graduated in 2012 with a First Class Honours in Modern Vocals, stars in the breathtaking production, Kurios as the show’s lead and only singer, Chanteuse de Rue.

She has been touring the US for two years now and has played more than 1040 shows, with nine to ten performances every week. It’s hard work, but Eirini assures us that the opportunity has been invaluable. So, what’s it like touring with one of the most famous theatre companies in the world?

“I really love touring. Nothing can beat the excitement of moving to a new place for the first time and making it your home for two months,” explains Eirini.

“Of course there are drawbacks, such as never being able to settle, or sudden climate changes that can affect my performance. But overall, it has been a once in a lifetime experience.”

Eirini has received incredible exposure as a result of her time with Cirque du Soleil, having appeared in a DVD of the show and an Emmy Award-winning short Virtual Reality film. Her immense talent has certainly shone through, with a string of rave reviews from theatre critics and publications.

Prior to her time on Kurios, Eirini performed as a backing singer for a host of well-known stars, including Barry Manilow, James Bay, Jona Lewie, Saw Doctors and Amy Winehouse’s backing band. As a singer, she transcends genres with a vast knowledge of jazz, soul, Latin, flamenco and even traditional Greek music – Eirini was born in Heraklion, Crete. At 18, she moved to the UK to study music, and the rest is history. Recalling her time with BIMM, Eirini said:

“I developed a variety of vocal styles, improved my overall musicianship and met some wonderful people that I worked with after my studies.”

As for highlights, Eirini spoke of how studying at BIMM gave her the drive to embark on a professional career. Our yearly End of Term gigs also proved a perfect introduction to the stage, as she explained:

“Studying at BIMM encouraged me to be professional, organised and enabled me to set goals with realistic action plans that helped me develop my career. My favourite thing at BIMM was the End of Term gig! It was a chance to put together music that I had been working on each term. I got to know my fellow students by watching them perform.”

Eirini has gone to achieve incredible success since leaving us. Her hard work has certainly paid off, and we’re immensely proud of her work with the world-famous Cirque du Soleil.

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