UPDATE April 2017

With Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty now officially triggered by the UK government and Britain’s departure from the EU well under way, here at BIMM we wanted to let our students know exactly what ‘Brexit’ means for them – specifically with regards to our overseas students and their tuition fees because, at present, EU students are entitled to pay the same fees as UK students while the UK remains a member of the EU.

Firstly, we’d like to announce that if you’re an EU student and planning to enrol at BIMM in September 2018, then nothing at all has changed – we can advise that you’ll not be charged the higher ‘Non-EU’ fee during your study period at your chosen BIMM college… and instead will pay the usual lower ‘EU’ fee for the full extent of your time at BIMM.

This has been officially confirmed in separate statements relating to the UK nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, with the government guaranteeing that current university students from the EU, and those applying to courses starting in 2018, will not see any changes to their fee status. This will apply for the full duration of the chosen course, even if it finishes after the UK has left the EU.

Both the government and the Student Loans Company have also officially confirmed that in 2018, EU students attending universities in England who are eligible under current rules to receive loans and grants from the Student Loans Company, will continue to do so for the duration of the courses they’re currently enrolled on.

For those wondering whether BIMM’s unique music exchange programme will be affected by Brexit, then you’ve nothing to worry about. From October 2017 onwards, students will still be allowed to study across two European cities where music matters most: London, Berlin, Hamburg, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol or Birmingham*. You can begin your studies at one BIMM college, before transferring to another BIMM college for your second year, and then decide whether you remain in your new city for your third year or return to your ‘home’ college. BIMM is the only music college of its kind to offer this incredible study exchange and it’s great to know that Brexit won’t prevent BIMM students from accessing this truly unique opportunity.

It’s important to remember that the UK will not leave the EU overnight – the negotiation process started with the triggering of Article 50 on Wednesday 29th March and it’s expected to take up to two years for the UK to officially leave the EU, meaning this won’t happen until the end of March 2019 in all likelihood.

The longer-term implications for EU students who want to apply to study in the UK after the UK has left the EU, and the study fees to be paid, will depend on the outcome of the government’s negotiations and the kind of relationship that the UK agrees to have with the EU moving forwards.

So, if you’re considering studying music at a BIMM college in September 2018, then please don’t put it off – now is the perfect time to apply!

For more information on how Brexit will affect education providers, please visit the UCEA website. To apply for a BIMM course, contact a member of our Admissions Team on 0844 2 646 666, email [email protected] or apply online today via the ‘Apply Now’ form at

POSTED ON: March 30, 2017
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