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Here at BIMM Bristol, we continue to celebrate the successes of all of our hardworking students. In fact, we recently had the pleasure of raising a glass to BIMM Event Management graduate, Anna Franke, who has just left BIMM with a 1st Class in her BA (Hons). But we didn’t just applaudĀ her degree; Anna also managed to secure the highest mean grade, scoring an incredible 80+. You’d think that this huge achievement was enough, but not for Anna. China, of course, is the next obvious step!?

After competing against 3000 talented applicants, Anna has been offered a once-in-a-lifetime position in Shanghai as a future market analyst. Speaking about the role and her decision to move to China, Anna revealed that her time at BIMM provided her with the skills and expertise needed for a variety of positions, not just in music, but across other industries too:

“I’ve always had a passion for travelling, so after BIMM, I’ve realised that I can do more than “only” work in the music industry in the UK. My degree has provided me with so many skills and a broad spectrum of knowledge that I can go into a lot of areas and most importantly, I can compete internationally. This is why I’ve decided to accept a paid 6-month internship in video game marketing in Shanghai with a potential for a permanent position as an overseas marketing executive. I haven’t decided yet whether to stay in China after the internship or to move elsewhere with newly gained knowledge and skills, but I know that this is only the beginning of a very exciting journey.”

We also quizzed Anna on leaving BIMM Bristol after three years here – it’s always an emotional departure for both our students and tutors:

“It’s the end of a chapter that I’ve fully enjoyed. I’m sad to leave BIMM, my friends and job. However, I know that we’ll all be moving on to bigger things now, and that excites me,” she told BIMM.

Anna also praised our industry professional tutors and their ability to tailor learning to real-life scenarios outside of the classroom. Our approach is to prepare undergraduates for a career after BIMM, while also providing valuable guidance and incredible opportunities within the music industry.

“I learned how to communicate with professionals, gained industry knowledge; I’ve become more aware of myself and others. What I really liked about the course is that all tutors are music industry professionals, who teach you more than what you need to know to pass the course. They use real-life scenarios and help you to anticipate issues in the real world that a degree doesn’t cover. The tutors are very helpful and will always take the time to help you.”

We were also delighted to hear more about the role our students continue to play in the overall BIMM Bristol experience, especially as we encourage collaborations and partnerships between all of our BIMM students.

“Another thing I really enjoyed is that all students are passionate about music. Most of them take the course seriously, and I’ve found it very fulfilling to be in such an environment where people have enough knowledge to be able to discuss new developments in the music/events industry with you.”

It’s been a great pleasure teaching Anna, and although we’re sad to see her leave, we know she’ll excel at her role as a future analyst. We wish her the best of luck!



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