Announcing the Andrea Marongiu Drumming Bursary

Andrea Marongiu was one of the most talented multi-disciplinary drummers at work in modern music. An incredibly versatile musician, he was one of the most highly sought-after session drummers in the industry.

He continually found new ways to incorporate different styles, sounds and rhythms into his playing, and it was no surprise that he ended up playing for Crystal Fighters – one of the world’s most exciting bands.

Andrea’s playing quickly became the propulsive force behind Crystal Fighters’ songs — and he was the perfect fit for a band who deftly mixed many musical styles into their euphoric, high-energy music.

Then, tragically, Andrea suddenly passed away in 2014. The band, who considered him an integral part of the group, was devastated.

They described him as “one of the most brilliant, skilful and charismatic drummers to have ever graced the stage.” You can see what a talented drummer he was for yourself in their tribute video:

Andrea’s wife Louise Marongiu set up a fundraising site in his memory to raise money to help musicians. We are enormously pleased to announce that Louise has kindly created a drumming bursary at three BIMM colleges, for two 2018/19 entrants.

This bursary, which totals £3,000 per recipient (£1,000 per year of study), will build on Andrea’s legacy as a brilliant and creative drummer and is a hugely generous gift which will enable the growth of a new generation of drummers.

We’re so grateful for this kind, thoughtful and constructive gift from Louise. We’re also touched that she chose to partner with BIMM after feeling it was a place that could make a difference in a way that would represent Andrea’s ethos.

She said: “I’m so glad that I came across BIMM because everyone I have come into contact with has been so welcoming, and passionate about this bursary… It is very obvious how much they care about the colleges and the students, and their desire for them to do well.”

Louise also had some timeless advice based on her husband’s determined approach to music. She said, ”Andrea was never afraid to dream big, and that — combined with passion and talent — is an unbeatable force. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.”

The combination of education and the message of positivity that accompanies Louise’s gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a passionate, creative drummer and a kind, friendly, happy human being. We’re proud to be offering bursaries in Andrea’s name – thank you, Louise.

If you are interested in applying for the Bursary you can find out more by visiting our dedicated Scholarships and Bursary pages for Brighton, Bristol and London.

Also, If you would like to contribute to the memory of Andrea – you can also donate in Andrea’s name to the British Heart Foundation here.

POSTED ON: January 19, 2017
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