Think you have what it takes to be one of the new bands and artists breaking through today? If you’re 16-18 years old and live in the West Midlands, you may want to consider enrolling in an RSL accredited Diploma in Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, or Songwriting at BIMM Birmingham.

Our new state-of-the-art music college will open its doors in October, giving prospective students like yourself the opportunity to make use of industry standard music equipment and an extensive list of excellent facilities.

Did you know a BIMM Diploma is the perfect gateway to a BA Honours Degree in a specialist music subject like Songwriting, Performance, Event Management, Music Production, Music Business? You too could join our extensive alumni network, many of whom have found success within the industry.

The Diploma itself is a two-year vocational course and equivalent to three A-Levels. It’s here on the Diploma that we help you to develop your skills as a performer and artist to ensure you have the best possible chance of getting noticed within the music industry.

As well as a fundamental understanding of how the industry works, you’ll learn everything there is to know about musicianship, history, and theory. You will even be eligible for free funding if you’re under 18 (subject to academic requirements – GCSE English and Maths will be required).

If you would like to audition, all we ask is that you bring any music or equipment you will need on the day, this includes guitars, basses, tuners, leads, and capos. Drummers, you’ll need sticks; vocalists, just bring yourself – we’ll leave the rest to you.

Speaking about the new courses, BIMM Birmingham Principal Antony Greaves said: “We’re really excited to be able to offer the RSL two-year Extended Diploma at BIMM Birmingham. What better way to earn the equivalent of 3 A-Levels than by playing and performing the music that you love!”

So, what of our current students? We caught up with Diploma students past and present from our BIMM Manchester and BIMM Brighton colleges to see what they had to say about life at BIMM, and the diploma course itself.

“It literally changed my life. If you’re passionate and that comes across in everything you do, it really can do amazing things for you and open so many doors – and it’s free for under 19’s! Why wouldn’t you?” Martha Phillips BIMM Manchester

“The tutors are so passionate. Everyone is really rooting for you because we’re all in the same boat. You can definitely succeed in the music industry without BIMM, but coming from a small town, it makes getting started on your career a lot less overwhelming.”

Echoing her comments, former BIMM Brighton Diploma student Kelly Northorpe, said:

“It’s a really great way to learn more about your subject of interest, build upon your skills, and see if you want to make your hobby into a career. It opens so many doors and makes you realise just how many routes you can take into the industry you love. It’s an experience you will never forget.”.

To read more stories from our many glowing undergraduates, just visit the BIMM blog where you’ll find plenty more testimonials from our students. In the meantime, you’ll find a full list of BIMM Diploma courses below.

Want to find out more about our BIMM Birmingham courses? Why not head to our BIMM Birmingham Open Day on Saturday 19 August at the Mama Roux venue at 23 Lower Trinity Street, Birmingham, B9 4AG. Here we’ll be putting on presentations and more live music from our most talented acts; you’ll be able to audition for the BIMM Diploma. You can book your place here.

Alternatively, we’ll be at The Custard Factory’s Summer Jam at Gibb Street, Birmingham B9 4AA on Saturday 12 August. BIMM Birmingham will showcase student students from across the BIMM colleges .

We hope to see you soon! Have a query? Simply email, for more details.

BIMM Birmingham Diploma courses

Artist Development Diploma in Music Performance – Available in BassGuitarDrumsVocals (2-year, level 3 Extended Diploma)

Artist Development Diploma in Songwriting (2- year, level 3 Extended Diploma)

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