Here at BIMM, our focus is always on steering our students in the right direction to achieve their ultimate goal – a successful and sustainable career in the music industry. So once they’ve graduated, we like to keep track of how they’re doing.

Every year, we survey the previous year’s group of BIMM degree graduates six months after they’ve graduated to ask them details of their employment status. And this year… do you know what we found?

Well… it’s fantastic news to know that our vocational approach is working, because 81% of BIMM graduates are already employed only six months after graduating!

You can check out the main survey points in the accompanying infographic. It shows that a degree from BIMM really does connect you to both the workforce and the music industry… because of those 81% already employed, 64% are working directly in the music business in roles such as performer, music business executive, producer, teacher and more.

We found out that three-quarters of our graduates were self-employed or running their own micro business, and that 73% have two or more jobs, validating BIMM’s teaching vision which sets our students up for a portfolio career in music.

Our strong focus on networking and the building of music connections for our students has proven to be a huge success too, with 59% of employed graduates finding their work as a direct result of a connection they established while studying at BIMM.

Many of these jobs were gained as a result of BIMM’s encouragement of work-based learning, and 34% of graduates stated that they completed an internship while studying at BIMM.

So… what do all these statistics tell you? In a nutshell, it’s that connectivity really is the key to success in the music industry. And if you’re after that, then there’s no better place to study than BIMM.

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