BA (Hons) in Music Production

Music Production

The way in which music is recorded, mixed and mastered is integral to the creative process of composition and performance. The best producers can add the illusive magic to a recording that is often the difference between the success and failure of a project.

The BA (Hons) in Music Production degree is a specialist vocational programme designed for those wishing to pursue a career in a range of music industry roles such as producer, live sound technician, sound engineer, film and television technician and computer music designer. Studying music production at BIMM Dublin comes with the added bonus of studying alongside the largest cohort of contemporary music students in Ireland, thus opening up a wealth of networking opportunities.  

On the course you will learn about the technology and techniques required to produce music across a wide range of contexts from traditional studio recording to film, television, animation, multimedia and live environments. You’ll also gain a thorough grounding in the context of contemporary music, the industry that supports it and the personal, project management and business skills required for a successful career in music production.

The course sits clearly on the cutting edge of music production with high end studios, equipment and software and is unique in combining the creative use of technology alongside a rigorous, critical and theoretical examination of music production.

This course is validated by: Validated by University of West London

Fees Information

The BA (Hons) in Music Production is a private, fee paying course. The fees for 2014-15 are €5,950. International (non-EU) fees for 2014-15 are €10,950.

Enrolment for this course takes place from 15th September and interviews for the 2014-15 academic session have now been completed. Applications for 2015 entry will open in November, and must be made using the application form below.

Please email [email protected] if you have any queries about this course.



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All students take six modules (60 ECTS credits). All modules are mandatory:

  • Recording Skills
  • Software Environments
  • Mixing and Audio Production 1
  • Songwriting 1
  • Musicianship
  • Music Industry Landscape


Students take six modules (60 ECTS credits). Five modules are mandatory, with the sixth a choice between three options:

Mandatory Modules:

  • Mixing & Audio Production 2
  • Electronic Dance Music Production and Remixing
  • Arranging
  • Music for the Moving Image 1
  • Popular Music Culture

Option Modules – students must pick one of three:

  • Live Sound
  • Songwriting 2
  • Studio Management


Students take five modules (60 ECTS credits). Two modules are mandatory, with the remaining three chosen from six options:

Mandatory Modules:

  • Production Project
  • Personal and Business Development

Option Modules – students must pick one of three:

  • Songwriting 3
  • Sonic Manipulation
  • Location Recording and Post-Production
  • Music for the Moving Image 2
  • Music for Video Games
  • Music Pedagogy in Practice

A minimum of six subjects at Leaving Cert level, including 2 Higher Level C3s, and at least an Ordinary Level D3 in Maths and an Ordinary Level D3 in English or Irish. Applicants will be invited to attend an interview during which they will be required to present a portfolio according to specific guidelines.

How to apply

Applications for the BA (Hons) Music Production are made directly to BIMM Dublin. Once your application has been received we will contact you with details of your interview and portfolio submission. Email [email protected] for more details.

Portfolio Guidelines

Applicants for the BA (Hons) Music Production must present a portfolio of work along with a supporting written account. Providing a portfolio, or showreel, is a well-established practice in many of the creative industries. It is the means by which your abilities, commitment and ideas can be easily presented for others to evaluate. The portfolio should be an integrated package containing practice-based material, typically recordings and appropriate written work used to support and describe the contents. Within reason, you are encouraged to use any suitable methods to enhance the presentation of your work in order to make it accessible, attractive and professional.

Don’t be put off by this request – what we are looking for is a demonstration of your interest in and passion for this subject and we are not expecting you to provide sophisticated professional quality recordings or videos. Think of this as an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities as a songwriter/musician or content producer, performer, DJ or promoter.

The formats you may use for the portfolio are varied. Normally we expect standard two-channel audio presented on CD (preferred) or a high quality MP3 file Please do not present proprietary data files (e.g. Pro Tools or Logic session and audio files). However it may be that your work has a visual component and therefore DVD could also be used. If you are also heavily involved in performance or managing bands, clubs, DJ-ing etc., then a portfolio supplemented with the inclusion of paper based material such as flyers, reviews, letters etc. would need to be considered. If you do not have material of this kind we will consider work from a related field (for example art, media or photography) that demonstrates your creative abilities.

More information on what to present is contained in the Music Production Portfolio Guidelines.

This course is validated by: Validated by University of West London

Like all BIMM Dublin courses, this programme is designed to act as a springboard into employment in the industry.


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