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The UK music industry makes a substantial contribution to the national economy, employing over 140,000 people, and employment figures growing each year – up by 19% in 2016.

Every year, we’re proud to celebrate a large number of our graduates adding to these figures when they begin work in the music industry for the first time.

We currently have graduates working across many areas of the music business, including A&R, PR, marketing, radio and TV plugging, management, promotion, publishing, venue management, distribution, songwriting, recording studio management, music retail, journalism, TV and radio broadcasting, and tour management.


We also have alumni who work as workshop leaders, teachers, musical directors, pit musicians, live agents, sound and lighting technicians, session artists, and of course as successful recording artists.

Other careers in the industry include collection society executives, music librarians, social media and digital marketeers, music supervisors, instrument makers and music therapists.


It’s very common for our graduates to pursue portfolio careers; that is, taking on more than one role at a time. The industry is naturally fast-moving and people working in music need to be adaptable and receptive to new challenges in order to succeed.

We believe that diversity is the key to career success and the best way to achieve this is to make the most of your time as a student at BIMM. Some ways you can do this include: developing a songwriting portfolio, organising and promoting gigs and tours, planning and executing structured promotional campaigns, gaining teaching experience and setting up teaching practices, joining a student radio station, establishing and promoting function bands, session work for live, media or pit work, designing branded merchandise, contributing to the BIMM student magazine, shadowing live music professionals at gigs and festivals, getting involved in the development of the BIMM album, and volunteering to work as part of street teams or as gig reps at industry festivals.

At BIMM, the world really is your oyster. We actively encourage employment across the entire spectrum of the music industry, so whichever career path you choose to follow, we’ll do all we can to help get you there.


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